Table reservation


Wir freuen uns über Ihre Spontan-Bewerbungen.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR REINFORCEMENT IN SERVICE (40% to 80%) on an hourly basis

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We are also a training company and train catering specialists

EFZ female and male restaurant specialists (hereinafter referred to as restaurant specialists) are hosts/hostesses and are responsible for the well-being of restaurant guests in the various catering establishments. They welcome guests and recognize their needs. They inform and advise guests about the menu and its specialties, food, drinks and the right wine. Restaurant specialists provide well-founded information on the origin, production, characteristics and preparation of food and drinks. They take into account the principles of a healthy diet, allergies and intolerances.

With skill, creative recommendations and carefully chosen communication, restaurant specialists sell the entire spectrum of gastronomic offerings, from regional specialties for tourists to gourmet menus as part of a candlelight dinner.

They serve the food and drinks to the guests with joy and commitment. At the end, they create the bill for the consumption. From initial contact to saying goodbye to guests, they always maintain a confident overview thanks to their personality and ensure that their guests feel at ease.

Depending on the type and orientation of the restaurant business, restaurant specialists are able to

  • as a young sommelier to recommend the right wines or beers and serve them professionally;
  • prepare special creations for coffee or tea enjoyment as a young barista;
  • to pamper guests with the art of cocktail preparation as a young bartender;
  • as a junior chef de rank, prepare special dishes according to recipes and flambé, carve, fillet or marinate your own creations in front of the guest

Please send applications by e-mail with all documents to